Ddos and GMOD and me being furious. Help! :/

Now, i don’t got any clue about ddosing, except from that its like a lot of trucks parking on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, blocking any kind of traffic…

I just want to know if there is any solid way of preventing ddos? Anything?

Cause i am being ddosed by some mad hl2rp-community-thing recently, and its quite frustrating. ( Funny fact: Hl2RP = A lot of ddos incoming, but its a awesome gamemode. :confused: )
Is there anyone who knows if it can be avoided somehow? (Except from “Dont run a gmod server” or “Dont run hl2rp”?)

Thank you!

Note: Funny thing that everyone so far who said this was dumb, is members of the community i run…

And that the rest of them seems to be rating without knowing themselves what to do… Great.

Asking Facepunch is a bad idea, especially if you mention the word RP.

Who are you?

Let’s just act like i did not said RP then…
Can you help?

I think black lotus do some solutions but will cost you a pretty penny. Or $575


Hm. Thanks but not what i was looking for really. :slight_smile:

That is one of the few solid way of stopping a DDOS attack, they are all gonna involve lot of money as someone has to pay for the bandwidth the attack is gonna eat up.

linux + iptables fix all < 1gbit/s ddos problems.

You would still be paying for the bandwidth though, unless your in one of the lucky DC that don’t charge for incoming data.

If the attack is larger then the port your server is on there is not much you can do. Just wait it out.

Some clever ip table rules can stop some port targeted or exploit ddos attacks.

Also a 1gbit switch for your server helps a lot

Kind of depends of the type of the attack.

One good way is simply blocking IPs sending garbage, But even more effective way is to go after the DDoSser. People don’t just randomly pull DDoSsing resources out of their asses and ddos you off the network. They need to have a motive, And generally if you do your homework expecially with smaller game servers you’re able to launch a counter attack of somekind.

Well it seems to thta people ARE ddosing us randomly. Never ddosed anyone or anything, i stick to my own server, and are not sending VW members to other servers to troll. (As other people seems to be doing.)

Then i heard someone had put my ip adresses up on 4chan… Great.

Is there any way to counter against this?
Seeing as if not, then every server could just be ddosed without any way to prevent it?

Pretty sure the only options for this are to either get another line to soak up the DDoS, Purchase a firewall that can filter out the traffic before it saturates the line or just suck it up and wait for it to end.

A hardware firewall?

You won’t be able to get a decent hardware firewall for bigger ddos attacks because most of those firewalls still operate on a 1gbit line which easily get saturated.

You can try a Linux distro called IPCop.

Random testimonial thing: http://keystoneit.wordpress.com/2006/05/09/another-great-ipcop-addon-banish/

You can probably even run it in a virtual machine.

But won’t a virtual machine slow it all down?

Is 0-2ms really going to make any difference to you when you’re getting DDoS’d?

Hm… You are right. Thank you.

Will try with Linux, i guess…

And its impossible to track the ddos somehow?