DDos attack and public/private servers

Hey people, a little over a week ago my server provider Nitrous Networks was attacked by DDoS, My server was almost completely full when the attack came 96/100 spots taken one skiddie decided to threaten me with ddos if id didn’t give the pathetic child, some kevlar and wood. I Banned him of course however I hate saying this he was successful he ddos my server for 2 hours… Now I have a prepaid server That runs perfectly but only has 10 to 13 players at peak. I want to thank Nitrous Networks for taking it very seriously, For Future Reference as well I Highly recommend that as a server admin you copy the IP address of people who threaten you, back track it and Call the ISP tell them what is going on with that person. I’m no coder, or anything like that, so its not a game to get threatened when my money is involved and I’m sure it isn’t to 90% of the people here. Also I Recommend using a fraps type program to show threats to ISP’s although they seam to take the complaints fairly serious I still do not know what they do with that information. Since then Ive been trying to Improve the server/add admin (still looking, need to apply). We started Caveman Games, built a very large PVP arena, the game styles are interesting and fun. Come give us 5 min check out our arena. So to those that have been on the server, DDos stopped more than a week ago, and to everyone else http://homerust.enjin.com/home.