DDOS Attack

My server got ddos attack until it crash my server
I got : 8gb ram server with a great specification so is there anything to protect my server from ddos? I already Try Iptables,DDOSdeflate but all didnt work i still got ddosed please help me
My Server os is Ubuntu

How long is a piece of string?

People will need to know more about the attack to give you any proper advice. Type of attack, size, protocols, ports etc. Packet dumps if you have them.

He ddos it until server crash 100 - 800 ping. He known already ddos another server People are said his ddos is 9GB and btw iam running steamcmd as root is that wrong?

We cant just say “Tick this box to stop ddos”

give as much network information as you can

Look… I’m going to assume your hosting this through your modem or your own self made ububtu server host,

You really want to know how to stop DDos Attacks? Well having a host is 1 thing, but these dedicated server company’s with DDOS protection are a small team of 5-10 people max,
Each one of these guys probably has either a degree or a lot of experience in the server world and thus can apply all this knowledge/experience to protect their servers from being DDos’ed

BUT EVEN THEN! these guys and even big guys like Sony get Ddosed

Their is no program and their is no Google how-to, you see aslong as your host is online it can be Ddosed SOMEHOW

Your Scenario:
It was probably some 14 year old kid with some dodgey program… or some rich kid with an expensive bought “1 click = Ddos” program,
If you host your server with a company in the hands of multiple people who know what they are doing, you would not have got Ddosed and even if you did it may not have been for long…

Like I said befor it was probably just some kid, all he did was get the host Ip either by tracing where his client data is being sent to, or using a program to pull up the host IP for him

You could google how to protect your server from DDos protection but it would probably consist of 4-6 hours of Graduate level knowledge and learning, probably in-comprehensible for you. And that’s ok, this stuff isn’t easy don’t rush.

In the mean time until you get to that level I highly suggest going with a company to host your server for you

We need more information. What does your server look like and where is your network traffic routed? Where are you hosting your server? To protect against DDoS attacks, you want to make sure you have identified potential attack vectors - make sure you are blocking strange traffic, consider routing your traffic through a server like Incapsula and outsource your DDoS protection. As Pink_Elphant wrote, it’s pretty hard for individuals to prevent DDoS attacks - and 9GB is large for a single server, but not in the grand scheme of things. A simple booter and stresser can take you down. Here’s a guide for How to Stop DDoS attacks but for a single person best bet is traffic thresholds and IP blacklisting (what’s the traffic profile of the attacker?)

Blacklisting IPs doesn’t matter when the traffic reaching your port exceeds the port’s speed. You’re still going to end up with packet loss.