DDoS attacks, aka Gmod's main bullshit.

People in this thread clearly dumb, :dealwithit:

Why would it be in the terms that you are not allowed to attack others? It’s a quite obvious thing. This has been brought up so many times now and they’ve all suggested what you’re suggesting - just give it up. There’s no point in trying, you either just have to learn to live with it or leave it alone. It’s just the way it is.

Or host your own server and set up a honeypot?

it’s not worth anyone’s time because it’s a bunch of kids shelling other kids, gmod’s problem isn’t ddos attacks, it’s its player base

It’s not Garry’s job to maintain servers, his job is to maintain the game, Garry’s Mod.
Your Server provider is the one who should be protecting you from DDoS attacks.


the problem is because stan realised he could make a fortune off all the 12 year old skiddies that play garrysmod.

instead of bitching like a little girl why don’t you talk to your ‘favourite servers’ and tell them to invest in the 150$ devnull protection like everybody else has had to do. most server hosters these days use the 1gb/s line anyway and so the 50$ devnull shouldn’t even do much harm.

Some skids ddos just for that.

Fuck that.

That’s just helping the guy who is ddosing…

As for the OP - You’re an idiot.
Garry is not endorsing DDoS.
There are a few hosts already popping up that are immune to DevNull.

As for the whole legal idea, let me give you a quick run down of a typical ddos (not devnull, but same applies).

Kid goes to random website like hackforum.
Kid pays $5 for a booter access.
Kid attacks a server.

Now, the server contacts the police with a log of all the offending IP’s/times/packet data etc etc.
These IP’s trace to a server in a country where they can do fuck all to help, or there all zombies. They gain access to a zombie and the IP issuing commands was sent from a country where they can do fuck all - and that’s assuming they can get a trace from the zombie.

How do you imagine they PROVE who sent the attack? They simply can’t unless the guy attacking is admitting it, and not via some steam chat logs that mean nothing. Even an admission is circumstantial if he plays it well once the police investigate.

i don’t see how by purchasing devnull protection you’re helping the ddoser because he can’t hit your server with devnull anymore and anything else like public shell booters don’t hit enough to take down a 1gb/s line but ok

  1. I obviously meant your paying the guy MAKING the tool, so you are supporting the act.
  2. You don’t need to hit over 1Gb/s.
  • The vast vast majority of popular servers will use Windows over Linux, with good reasons.
    You cannot drop packets at the correct level in windows to ensure the srcds application doesn’t get raped.