DDoS attacks -> collective thread

Hey @ all,

here you can post the latest news about the DDoS attacks and the serverdowntime.

All i know is this:

Let’s hope everything goes back to normal! :rolleyes:


I really hope they have a solution by Tuesday at least that would be awesome if they do.

I wonder how some servers are up and running while others are not.

Apparently, hackers have the IP address of the server who manage the client/server interconnection.
They DDoS this server. And so that’s why all of servers are impacted.
I’m French, and these actions outraged me.
The brain of these operations is Belgian.

Good luck for resolve all problems, and sry for my english :smiley:

Then why aren’t all the servers down?

here is a post on the steam rust forums that is talking all about it http://steamcommunity.com/app/252490/discussions/0/630800445508714603/

You aren’t supposed to link those man. You are bringing attention to them.

I don’t care about the continentals. I just like to know if the servers that are running smoothly are doing something different than the other community servers.

I think every effort should be made to contact the authorities - what they are doing, regardless of whether it is technically a classic DDOS or an exploit, is a denial of service, with an attached list of demands.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is blackmail and it is entirely illegal. These people should be prosecuted. So if any effort is to be done on a community level, it should be to report these people to the proper authorities…nothing else. No counter-attacks, no mob mentality, no witch hunts, no threats…Simply find out who/where they are, contact local authorities in their area and get them jailed.

Ironically this isn’t a game anymore - they (the criminals who are DDOS’ing)know very well that what they are doing is not legal, and they must already have made the decision that what they are doing is worth going to jail over; that it is worth being branded for this for the remainder of their days. They know very well that they are already in a LOT of trouble and there is no way out…regardless of succeeding or not, they are doomed.

They are going to be removed from their homes, their comforts, their families, jobs, schools and their entire life dismantled - they going to be stripped of all freedoms and subsequently resigned to have every waking and sleeping moment monitored, controlled, corrected and forced. They will be laid completely bare and reduced to the mercy of the justice system in the real world - simply because they wanted some server files from an alpha-stage game. They must have already realized that and be ready to, as it were, “die” for it…At least, I hope they are…I really do. Because there will be nobody to save them from this, there will be no special pleading that can explain this away as a harmless prank, there will be no family that can hug them safely and hide them from what they have done…they have made an adult decision and now; now they must pay for it.

They (the criminals who are doing this…(and they are criminals))believe they are taking a stand against oppressive pricing for servers, but nobody is forcing anyone to purchase/rent servers. If servers weren’t selling, then they’d have to lower their prices. Just because you believe what you’re doing is right, doesn’t mean it is, nor does it mean you have the right to waste everyone’s hard earned money when they purchase a server. I know what “standing tall against oppression and injustice” looks like and I know what unjust and unfounded blackmail looks like…this is the latter of the 2.

I say, lets stop fucking around and get the police involved. If not for blackmailing the makers of Rust (I suppose it’s the decision of the Rust devs whether they want to press charges or not), then for illegally disrupting the service that the rest of us a paying a lot of money for (which is indeed something we can be in control of that doesn’t require Garry Newman’s approval).

- Finally, to the people doing this: -

I am writing this, not just for the sake of describing the full reality of the situation, but also in a small hope that the people doing this, will read it and stop before they dig a deeper hole for themselves. The damage is already done now; there is no way to avoid punishment now - there is no redemption…but don’t make it worse for yourselves - I implore you, this isn’t a joke or something to be laughed away. It simply isn’t worth it.
Just as I hope you aren’t convincing any minors to help you with this…if any one of you doing this, is a legal adult, and have minors involved in this, shame on you…get them un-involved this instant…don’t ruin their lives. They have absolutely NO IDEA what they have gotten themselves into. If you are half as truthful about being against wrongdoings as you say you are, let any minors involved walk away before it’s too late.

Please understand that there is no version of this where you come out on top. There is no part in this venture where you win…You won’t get the server files, you won’t be matyred if you get jailed because nobody except you, and perhaps a tiny group of people, believes in your cause (Seriously, where have you gone, anywhere in the Rust community or anywhere else, and found support? Nowhere…), you won’t get any demands fulfilled and you won’t make any lasting impression nor point regarding anything other than the fact that you are petty criminals. This fight was over before it even started.**
You lost…**

Maybe you will be lucky and nobody will press charges if you stop now (though I doubt it. I know I am already putting efforts in to track you (the criminals) down and once I do, authorities will be contacted…I’m 30 years old and run a semi-successful small company, I have money to spare to see this happen - to hire people to help me find you and report you to the authorities. Test me on this if you like, won’t matter, it will happen…might not be today, or in a week, or maybe it’ll take me even longer to track you down and get enough evidence together to do this, but I will - you have given me no good reason not to…not yet anyway)…maybe indeed you will walk away from this without jail-time…but this will forever be on your minds and in your dreams. You will be punished one way or the other. Think carefully about this, because so far it doesn’t seem like you have at all.

Thats all up to Garry

Every server that I play on without lag eventually fills up and gets DDoS’d. I think the attackers are mostly targeting populated servers. Some of the servers that have been taking down are starting to appear again.

I’ve turned off the server I’ve been watching over. The amount of hackers and dupers makes this game unplayable. I currently Admin on a streamer played server. aka Noob Friendly in modded. And the amount of messages I get for hackers and dupers has became too much.

So that’s why i cant Play on Rust… Really wanna do more episodes for my youtube Channel “EnchaJiniPlays”

I’ve been on their TeamSpeak for the whole evening and I can assure you that they’re not ready to negotiate with anyone else than Garry. A lot of people have come to talk some sense into them, in vain of course. They just find it outrageous that people have to pay a lot of money to get a server, while Garry supposedly gets a shitton of money from it. I don’t think they know how things actually work, but they’re a very stubborn bunch.

Oh, and for your information, it’s an exploit, not a DDoS attack.

Also, no need to try to contact them if you don’t speak French fluently, because they’re not very good at English and are automatically suspicious of anyone who speaks English.

And also don’t bother writing anything to them here on the forums, they won’t be reading it.

Is there somewhere we can read about their demands? I want to try to understand wtf is wrong with these ppl.

I have a good feeling that this will soon end.

We know a LOT more about what’s going on then before, and as Loadingue said up there, we’re able to talk to them and hopefully someone will be able to talk some sence into them or they will get caught.

Well, as I don’t know French, nor do I know anything about how it really works, I’m sitting here waiting excited, crossing my fingers that everything soon will be fine.

I played all the night on UK 2 server. Often lag, but playable.

I am not that overly concerned with them not speaking English…if anyone cares about them, that speaks their language, they will contact them and let them know they’re in trouble. Let them know that they’re wrong in what they’re doing, that no negotiation will happen, and that nobody supports them.

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The exploit they are using is effectively causing a Denial of the Service that most of us are paying for…the result is the same.