DDos attacks on GMod servers on the rise?

As of late I have been noticing attacks on GMod server communitys on the rise. In particular the attacks seem to be pointed at communitys that host TTT servers or servers that are popular.

Our server set was attacked on the 19th and the DC that hosts our setup was experiencing 100mbit inbound on 2 of their 4 Teir 1 connections.

The attack was aimed at our TTT server. After talking to a few other communitys, DC Sysops and people in the know (both Australian and overseas) are all in agreement that as of late, DDos attacks are on the rise and too easy for people with a grudge to upset the apple cart.

Can anyone concur with this or at least offer some points of discussion?


It’s the rise of War of the Servers II.

On this DarkRP server I play on they were getting DDoSed for like a week straight.

Some people just don’t know how to handle good competition.


Seriously though, DDoS attacks are a childish way of trying to get what you want. On most servers they’ll work like a charm because the owners are little kids with no concept of security or defense. Some servers, the owners simply don’t know enough or have enough resources to defend against such an attack.

However, there are a few servers that are out of the way and out of the limelight. They’re small, friendly RP or build servers that don’t harm anyone. Be warned, that when you attack such a server for your mingepod being banned, they will retaliate with the force of Poseidon himself. For these small servers, is were our humble heroes live. So next time that you’re thinking of loading up LOIC for some LULZ EPIC HAX0RZING, be ready for the consequences.

I remember hearing a rumor that a guy on a Spacebuild server deals with ddosers by basically waiting on them to make their demands and uses an ent he made which basically deletes players models/contraptions, and then uses a known exploit to basically crash their gmod. If thats not enough the guy usually also finds it fun to remote access their computer, and run trojans on them.

First with this rummor I dude if you know what is DDoS exactly.

Second It’s probably DoS not DDoS (this last is a DoS attack with hundreds of attackers)

Third im the owner of a Spanish community and another guy from other comunnity DoSes our server.

AFAIK teh bast you can do is analyse traffic from your server (if its a dedicaded server it is realy easy, unless, ask the enterprise that rents you the server) and DoS him.

I never said it’s a true story did I? I stated it was a rumor I heard while basically doing undercover admin work on SGC with some other admins.

Oh god, the minges have found a new, powerful weapon…DDoS.


war of the servers 2? Oh shi…

Only one community I know of is being ddos’d and that’s VM (Vent mob)

Its actually just a DoS attack. DDoS is multiple.


On a more serious note, I agree with OP. Maybe it’s an organized attack?

It’s not an organized attack, DDoS always happens.

As long as there is a steady supply of white trash 13 year olds with mediocre computers that can run Source engine games, there will always be DDoS.

I agree, but this isn’t just your run of the mill minge DoS’ing servers, it’s multiple runs at several popular servers.

It doesn’t take to much to get a decent botnet to take down a regular server…

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in other words, any mad danish 13 y/o will and probably can do it.

Nobody cares. It’s just a bunch of twelve year old children fighting.

Suprised roflwaffle hasnt posted yet.
And btw, dont complain, ddos always happens to any community, good or bad. Dont feel like youre singled out. Yet to see one gmod community not ddos’d.

yes I agree with the icannt guy. I was co-hosting ausbuild RP (also in Australia) which was higher rank then your TTT server but you became 4th and so we lost a spot. But any-ways our server was also under many DDoS attacks. There needs to be a better way to stop the DDoS attacks. Now also people can get faster uploads in homes kids can now cap there upload in one day.

DDoS attacks will stop whenever governments decide to create international laws around it. DDoSing IS highly illegal, but with the amount in the lawbooks on the act, we don’t have enough authority to take it down.

It’s either we give up some of our privacy on the Web and be free of attacks (or at least lessen them extremely), or we keep that privacy and deal with the rise of every 7 year old able to take down game servers and shitty websites.