DDoS - Garry's Mod Game server

Hello Fellow Gamers!

I’m just wondering about how to make our server safe against DDoS, and I was wondering if anyone got a brilliant working idea.
Our game servers and community have been DDoSed the whole day, and I have been without internet for 50% of the day…
Its not the first day this has happend. And I know who the DDoSer is and why he is doing it. He couldnt follow our server rules, so he got banned
and he was threatening to make our server empty for days. I just had to unban him after this episode today, but I really didn’t want to…
So if there is some powerfull players, Gmoders out here, please help me
We have contacted our providers, they are working at it, and trying to trace the DDoSer.

Thanks for you attention.
Andre Hyni

There’s really nothing you can do about it. Just wait it out, unless you want to get a VPS and spend thousands on securing your server from DDoS attacks, you’re just ganna want to let it blow over.

Whats your server ip?

:suicide: So many GMod servers being DDoS’d

If it is only a DoS some iptables rules can be written to help.
However, if it is a DrDoS then your only hope is to buy more bandwidth and hope it is enough