DDoS on Servers!

Heyah , I’m the Co-Owner of a Serious RP Server, and we’re currently not on Dedi, our hoster does not offer help in DDoS, and we currently can’t start up our server for the release, due to DDoS from our old Hoster.

I’m asking you guys if there is any anti-DDoS Programs, as the Attacks annoy me, last one was for a admin being female, and now our old hoster decided he hates our faces.

So any way we can stop it?

Look for a host who will provide DDos protection. It can be stopped in most causes with the help of 1-2 ways. Getting the ip of the attack then blocking with mmc or Getting a host who provides a cisco firewall.

How strong is the attack?

“DDoS from my old hoster”
Looks like a questionable practice your old hoster has there. What is the name?

Mmc will only block it at the server level so the link can still be eaten up.

And for the love of god, don’t get scammed into getting a Cisco ASA5502 firewall.

Welp, Our old Hoster is this guy Loki, and thanks for the IP. I’m looking into it.

Has anyone else had any trouble with DDoS on Hl2RP Servers?. Note this guy shut our server down because he could not have a car in our server. (Hurpedy Durpedy Durp No Cars)

Yeah, of course.
When we had 46/46 in the evenings we got DDoS after some time.
I’m pretty sure it’s known as envy.

We have been DDOS’ed two times now. Really annoying,
Is there any way to protect against DDOS?
We have a HL2RP as well.

It’s really hard to if it’s DDoS. You either need a powerful-as-fuck server and a software firewall and an absolutely huge uplink, and a good knowledge of attacks, or an extremely expensive hardware firewall ( Not a ASA5502 as mentioned by darthkatzs)

Easiest method is to block all unused ports and protocols, and hope that the attackers don’t know how to properly attack your server.

Weren’t you that kiddie who went around DDoSing servers in the past?

Erm no.

Am I the ONLY person who was able to deal with this shit?

Sounds like you haven’t been hit properly.

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Dealing with 100mbit straight to your servers port is hard. As is >1gbps to your box.

Yeah, euhm, 20 mbps TCP traffic isn’t what we’re talking about here.

An attack on one of my servers took down Optus Queensland in Australia for 20 minutes, it was measured at 15gb/s. Is that enough for you?

So how did you “deal” with that then?..

15gbit/s? I mean normal DDOS isn’t legal but… That sounds stupid.

What is so ‘stupid’ about it?