DDoS or Something else??

Ok so here’s is my story i own a server and i have a monitor dedicated to the server statistics and when the attack begun i could see that the server was receiving big amount of data after like 2 mins the server stopped receiving any amount of traffic it was 0 bytes/sec so i figured out fuck yay the counter measures works anyway i try to join the server and i couldn’t cuz of some random error in the console so i restart the server and i saw it instantly going 20 kb/s for 1 second… i don’t know if the server start up broadcast some bandwidth but from my personal exp from other servers i didn’t see anything like that so yeah, maybe i am wrong anyway, i tried to join the server again and got the same error in the console the error says something about an unknown file so maybe they inject something to the servers every x time so everyone gets that error now… just press f1 and check the console while u joining servers

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I honestly can’t zoom in enough to read it without it getting blurry, but they’ve already explained it was an exploit in uLink. That could be what you’re finding, not a DDOS attack.

Yeah maybe :smiley:

It’s not about the bandwidth of data that your server receives. 20kb/s of empty packets is what’s ruining it.

^ that

Yeah just read it