DDoS preventing

Quick question.

Is there a way to prevent DDoS, or a way to discover who is doing it?


You mean Dos? DDos is more than 1 person and is almost impossible to discover the group doing it. If its only 1 person, you can easily find out who it is.

I have no idea how many people it is. It is realistic that it only is one person doing this.
But it could be more, i think it is a Dos.

How can i find if its more than one person?

Find a program like wireshark

Wireshark can work. I have had some occasions on my server where it couldn’t with stand the attack.

It can hold around 2gb/s in my own experience. No more.

Can someone tell me what wireshark is, what is it doing?

Also, how do i use it?

I think wireshark keeps track of whats running on your server and who plays on it. Useful in spotting a dos.

I somehow doubt that. 2gb/s is a painful amount of traffic for most servers. You’d need a 10gbit port to not have constant packet loss and people losing connection.


Can someone tell me how i can use wireshark?

Wireshark does have a nice tutorial I believe.