DDos Prevention?

Perhaps this isn’t the right place, but oh what the hell.

Everyday GMod servers are getting Dosed and there are probably a million reasons as to why. But who gives a flying fuck why? I don’t. But I am tired of being in the middle of having fun, and then have to wait out a Dos attack for the next 10 minutes(or however persistent the Dos’r is). I decided a while ago that I was making my own DarkRP server. But with servers Dosing each other because they are so competitive, whats the point? The week I get a boost in server traffic, someone will just Dos the server.

I don’t want to pay Dos protection. Hell, I don’t even have the money for it.

Does anyone know anyway to perhaps have kind of like a ‘fake’ IP? Is there anyway to conceal or protect the real server IP so my server won’t get Dosed?

Again Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Just discard this thread if it is.

Not really possible.

DDoS Protection is the only way I see. If you can’t pay for it, build up a bigger community and get donations. If that seems impossible, try switch gamemodes. DarkRP servers are the most vulnerable to DDoS due to its popularity.

Warp to a parallel universe where people aren’t assholes. If that doesn’t work, try an alternate dimension instead.

Sounds good. Now to get a different universe transportation machine thing. Thanks :confused:

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Thanks I guess, least I know there isn’t a way to protect my server without paying an extra $50 for DDos protection.

Take a look at OVH [del]as well as their SoYouStart line of products.[/del] They are pretty resistant to attacks.

NFOservers has a pretty good ddos protection imo, though I’m not sure what kind of attacks you’ll be getting (there’s attacks that nobody can withstand)

Really? They are hosting my server actually. What kind of attacks do you think my server can withstand? (size wise)

A good prevention would be to not piss anyone off… Even after that you have people that want to do it just because why not. Though NFO does help to put up filters when it’s detected, people can get around it, other then that you just have to withstand it.

I am aware. I don’t exactly want to piss anyone off. But I won’t have anyone giving me ddos threats either. I guess I’ll find out.

I used to host with NFO until recently. I would get 10+ DDoS attacks / week and while most of them were filtered out within a few minutes, I still had a tremendous amount of packet loss. They will even go as far as to null route your IP for 4 hours at a time if an attack exceeds a certain threshold.

I switched to OVH recently and my server was attacked today. Players that were on at the time claim to not have noticed any impact at all.

As been said, OVH is the best.

As long as you don’t go with their SoYouStart servers. The protection on those are useless.