DDOS Program

Well, someone told me that if something is requested too many times on my server or on my dedi ip within like 30 seconds it will perma-ban the ip, which will stop the ddos. Does anyone know a program like this?


Always a winner

And for Windows: http://serverfault.com/questions/40176/identifying-ddos-attacks-on-windows-2008-servers

this program called “firewall” + most of routers provide “anti-ddos” functionality + maybe topic should be “Anti-DDOS program” ?

OP, how hard are you getting hit? Do you know who is doing it?

Well, I did get ddosed and used netstat -noa, got his ip and reported him to his ISP.
Just got a e-mail that he is going to check it balbla and take action if needed.



When people Doss they don’t use their own PC’s and very rarely use machines owned/rented under their name.

You’re being dos’ed by a person you won’t be able to identify easily. Unless they’ve been daft enough to rent one under their name that is.

You would be surprised…

Yeah, most of the noobs do that.

“LOL I ddos a noob server!”

“LOL that noob whos computer did u use”

“my own”

If there’s enough traffic, it won’t matter if you block the ip. The line/card still receives the packets and will still get saturated to the point where you will barely receive any other packets due to prioritization.