DDoS protection for Garry's Mod! (REALLY NEEDED)

any know where i get a proffesionel DDoS protection for free? or max 10 dollars?



You can’t.

There is no real DDoS protection. Even if it would be possible, it would be worth thousands of dollars, since it’s really needed nowadays.
If someone offers you something for 10 bucks, it’s a rip off.

It’s impossible to filter the traffic, and figure out which are good connections and which ones aren’t. You’d ban innocents. And most of the IPs used for DDoS-attacks don’t even know that they are being used, unless they have crappy internet and can’t do anything else anymore.

Xenon servers has somewhat ddos protection. From what I can tell when the server comes under a ddos thread it just shuts down kind of like a turtle :v:

The process shuts down or the dedicated box? If you no longer have connection to the box under that IP, either the attack is overflowing the port (probably 100mbit/s) or they nullrouted the IP so it doesn’t affect the other services on that machine.

From what I can tell the server just stops once it hits a point were it’s being threatened until you manually restart it. I’m not entirely sure on what it does since there is no real description but that’s just what I can gather.

The Xenon system is a filter placed at the border of the network. If the filter doesn’t work automatically, you can make a ticket and the filter may be enabled manually.