DDoS Protection

Is there ANY DDoS Protection for a rented garrysmod server?

my server has been DDoS’ed ALOT lately by this guy i banned because he was minging … he also DDoSes my internet…

So if theres any Working DDoS Protection out there please comment.

DDoS is almost impossible to avoid. However, DoS is avoidable by using “daf anti-dos”.

DAF only protects against a source exploit which very few people use these days.

$5000 a month can get you protection on a dedicated server in a datacenter.

Not really worth it for a garrysmod server.

Sl1chaos is sadly correct.

You need hands on people at the datacentre/isp to truly stop a heavy dedicated ddos.

I don’t know what the effect on your ping might be but you could try using hotspotshield or expatshield to hide your ip.

Hide the Ip of a server?

Errrr, what?

When running a dedicated server at home through a proxy not chance the server ip?

I think this guy wants generic crash or dos protection for his server. Highly doubt some random minge is ganna have the ability to (d)dos.

You’d be surprised.

Anyway, if you have the money to pay for a 100 dollar dedicated server, I’d recommend trying out Awknet. http://awknet.com/

I haven’t tried them for game server hosting, but I host my websites with a host that has their dedicated servers hosted with Awknet and its been handling some pretty large attacks.

The speed restrictions, not to mention the denial of service attack crashing the proxy and, henceforth, and route to your server, would sadly mean a server behind a bog standard proxy is a no-no…

ask the metaconstruct guys, they’ve got a way to stop ddos, ti don’t know how it’s done but maybe something to do with redirecting people to the real server from a false ip or sumthing
fuck if i know.

Make it your website secure by using the Ddos protection service to prevent their web from malicious traffic.

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