DDOS starting again.

On UK Garry’s Version server and it’s starting to lagg like really badly. Just wanted to mention it incase any mods wanted to know the time that the DDOS starts.

It’s all servers. Just wait it out.

wait it out until 4am :smiley:

Playable times seem to be 4am - 12:20pm ish

Who ever is doing it must have to turn his PC off for bedtime :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Until the DDOS attacks are sorted, can’t they just region ban randomly like they used to to stop the DDOSing

Yeah. Just getting a bit annoyed that’s all with the DDOSing. Just made the post just to show the admins want to keep a time log of the DDOSing.

They’re doing their best to fix it. Give 'em a little bit of a break. And yeah, as Sifer_uk said, usually night time play is best because that’s when they go beddy-by.
Some people can’t be that flexible, but all we can do is wait it out. I recommend playing on low population servers that people would be less likely to overload.

Yeah, that’s kinda what I’ve been doing. I just played a bit this morning and as I was heading back to my house it started. Then I apparently died by a zombie :frowning: Fucking stupid!

When the first lagg spike happened, I just got tears out of my eyes… ;(

Red Zombies OP.
Turns out all they want is a hug.

Either way, I’ve also been playing at night. It helps that I’m a night owl and want to do something other then what I should be doing.

It’s completely unplayable right now. Server is lagging to a complete crisp, not just the usual get rubberbanding etc, but as in i’ve been trying to place a bed for like 5 minutes, with no luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Garry, i hope you get this fixed soon, this game is awesome!

Im gonna go shop for newyears, also Hi im new on these forums somewhat. :stuck_out_tongue:

it is 4 french guys aand well…

according to that map im questioning there script kiddieness. I think they are doing to to try and get the dedicated server tool public >.> that or they are upset there isnt a official french rust server. not 100% on their intentions but their actions are dubious bullshit non the less lol

reason im mention the whole reason theyve been able to do it around the clock almost is because they are probably taking turns the 4 of them.

i am very curious to see the glorious way garry is going to hand them there ass ^^

Thanks to those DDOS attacks, I lost all of my valuable items while building my house and then fall off by lag

It’s always the damn french.

Fantasizes I see Garry with a massive banhammer ready to drag it across their faces. Maybe it’s not even a ban hammer. Maybe it’s a—
I mean. What.
I still think the best idea is to stick with community servers for a little bit until it gets solved. I’ve got faith in Facepunch, they’ll work it out. Until then I’m handing out pompoms and cheerleader outfits with G on the chest.

Lets C4 the French!.
All i wanted to do today was get pissed and play Rust.:(.
I will BUY them a dam french server if that’s all it takes.

Sooo what does that map have to do with the pseudo-DDoS happening to Rust?

Ban all traffic from France.

lol France servers all ok

French fkers, can’t we get Korea to nuke them? :smiley:

lets donate to em so they can get the missiles to reach them!