DDoS - When will it stop?

Just played in 3 different servers within the last 24 hours that ended up with DDoS attacks. It’s not the lag or the 12 year olds that are ruining the game for me, it’s the fact that I cannot go at least 3-4 days (or hours) on a single server without it going down due to DDoS. This is the first alpha I’ve played where the DDoS of servers is out of control. I know there are many other things that need to be worked on, but wouldn’t you think this is one of the most important things that needs to be dealt with ASAP? Is it because most hosts are being greedy and not offering DDoS protection for free? I mean, a lot of them offer it, so it’s obviously available, but of course there’s a ridiculous extra charge to have your server protected when, in my opinion, they should offer it to you for free because it ensures that you’re not paying for a junk server that’s going to go down every couple of days. It’s getting ridiculous having to start over every couple of days due to unexpected DDoS attacks and I and many others are probably just going to quit playing for good because of it. Doesn’t matter though I guess, you got our money, right?

What is it that you would like Facepunch Studios to do? Call the cops and report to them that some idiots are packet-flooding a few alpha-level game servers?

I would like them to at least make it a priority to fix it. Like I said, it doesn’t matter that this is in alpha, this is the only alpha I’ve played where DDoS constantly happens. Why can’t they implement something that counters DDoS like EVERY OTHER GAME does? DayZ, 7 days to die, etc. all still in alpha but not nearly as many issues with DDoS. I play both and have yet to see or even hear about a “DDoS.” Hell, I didn’t even know what a DDoS was until I played this game.


It’s not a Facepunch issue, it’s not something wrong with the game.

The only thing that Facepunch did wrong here is make a game that’s popular, that’s why the servers are getting DDoS’d, nothing that they can do about it because there’s nothing to fix.

This game is in alpha, and it blew up much quicker than anyone could have anticipated. Sure, other games that are in alpha may not have the same issues, but thats other games. When you choose to play a game thats in alpha, you should expect it to be completely filled with issues, bugs, exploits, etc. The way I see it, being upset about issues like this in alpha is the equivalent of buying a project car and being upset that its stalling. Yes, you payed your money for it, and yes, its not working 100%, but at least unlike a project car you dont need to worry about fixing it yourself. Give it time, and remember, alpha is alpha, no two ways about it.

I understand that it’s alpha. My point is that I’ve played many early access titles and never even heard about DDoS until I started playing this. I’ve already logged close to 1000 hours, but this DDoS is just getting ridiculous. It follows me from server to server and I’m just fed up and going to go play another game because of it.

Just to clarify and repeat myself, this is **not an issue with the game.
There’s nothing Facepunch can do because it’s not their territory. It’s HFB, or Multiplay, or FPS or any of the other server providers out there. (Not that there’s much they can realistically do anyways.)

Then why don’t other games have this issue? Hell, ESO has probably thousands more people than this game does and they’re not having issues with DDoS attacks, so it has nothing to do with popularity. There’s obviously something that can be fixed/implemented beause no other game has this issue. If it’s server-side and has to do with the hosts and not facepunch, don’t you think facepunch would be trying to hold these guys accountable? It’s ruining their game because these hosts can’t get DDoS protection implemented.

Stop making threads about the DDOS attacks. It gives the DDOSers attention and the satisfaction of knowing that their bullying tactics to disrupt your fun are working. They’ll get bored and stop expending resources if they think they’re not having any effect.

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Just because you haven’t done any research doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. League of Legends has had attacks against specific servers streamers were playing on. Game servers have been hit with 100 gigabit per second attacks in the past.

Wurm Online was simply forced off the Internet for several days, and the publisher posted a 10,000-Euro reward for catching the attackers.

I don’t need to do research, I’ve played all of these games to know that I’ve never experienced a DDoS attack on any one of them.

Anyway, I’m done with this game. I’ve put in too many hours to see it all go down the drain with wipes and servers resetting due to DDoS atacks. Cya!

You know, you’d think that’d be the case, but you might be surprised at how many people actually play Rust and how much attention it’s actually gotten…

Other games get DDoS’d too, but a lot of those games are played on servers where their networking information isn’t quite as obvious. Minecraft has a lot of DDoS, too, because people connect to these servers using an IP and a port, an easy target for a script-kid-DDoSer with their mom’s debit card.

You should do some research into it… I don’t know if you’re into this kind of stuff but I was pretty fascinated (and terrified) about some of the stuff I found. Particularly one article about a ridiculous loophole that someone can take advantage of just using a tricky ntpd command or something… I’ll try to find the article.

My point is that it’s a lot easier to do if you have the extra money to be a douche-waffle. And this game tends to attract that kind of player just by its very nature.

It’ll fade in time, I’m sure of it. Especially once the server files get released (a ways down the road) I don’t think it’ll be nearly as much of a problem anymore. I hope…

so you’re telling me that you’re 3 year old? is that it? you should do more research boy. Get a degree on networking or something before shit posting on FP.

come to my server ddos protection never down for more then 2-220 sec if we get ddos.

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