My garrysmod server hosted with OVH keeps getting DDoS’d.

It doesn’t last long, it crashes my server real fast and makes everything on the dedi unresponsive for about 4 minutes max.

Heres what the traffic looks like.


Are you just letting us know? We can’t help it…

Fixing the problem now.

Sorry ive just came in from work really tired, want I want to know is are there any ways to stop it? For example firewall rules I have added around 10 but its cut out the majority of the attacks but I am still getting these attacks.

If you do something like

iptables -A INPUT -m length --length 1:65535 -j DROP

That should stop the packets from coming though.

This is what happens when you ban 12 year olds from your DarkRP server.

I really doubt a 12 year old can overcome 460 gbs protection.

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I am on windows, I am going to add you on steam to talk further if that is ok.

You’re being hit with 40Mbps and you mention 460Gbps protection?

The DDoS mitigation for OVH is delayed, so it doesn’t kick in for as long as 30 seconds.


And OVH has the option to use the Anti-DDoS Permanently add me on steam if you need more help regarding that.

I have it on permanently already.

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You clearly know nothing about OVH and mitigation, yet you feel the need to post?

I do know about mitigation, and considering the currently largest DDoS attack in recorded history is 75Gbps to 300Gbps (unconfirmed number), how do you suggest someone would hit you with enough data to effectively render your server useless? If that’s the case - OVH is shit at mitigation.

I do know about OVH too - I’ve used them before, thanks.

Before you continue to point out that other people don’t know anything about mitigation - I’d like for you to request statistics from OVH as to the magnitude of the attack. :slight_smile:

•••••••••••• did a DDoS attack of 400 Gb/S

Back on track,

If you don’t how to use firewall settings and all that research it on google or ask OVH Support to do it for you.

Ok then, so OVH lie when they say they have 460gbs protection?

They may be.

Well there is a possibility but I highly doubt a company as big as OVH with there reputation would lie.

Even so - I hope you get this sorted out!

Thanks have a nice night.

OVH don’t lie. I’ve been hit with a 84gbps flood, of which I had two seconds of lag before the mitigation service kicked in. HOWEVER-> I am hosted with a OVH derivative, soyoustart.