What exactly is a DDOS and how do you defend against it? People have been threatening to DDOS my server and I have no idea if they are capable of doing it or harming my server. I would just like some more information on what exactly it is and what I can do to prevent it.

google it

Okay, imagine having a store and having your doors rushed by a flash mob.

A flash mob of 20 billion people all at once.

Defending against a DDOS is a complex task based on the kind of attack and the degree of control you have on the network.

In computing, a denial-of-service (DoS) or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users.

So all I have to do is ban the people who are making the threats and ill be okay?

I guess that im either stupid or funny

no because they can still send packets to your server, the ban button only restricts their gmod user from connecting

yes stupid

if they are threatning to ddos your server give them superadmin

[sp]No, really don’t, theres not really much you can do other than getting ddos protection which usually comes with the most garrys mod hosting services, if you do host your servers on one of them after all[/sp]


Watch out kid I’ll DDoX u

it’s going to be hard to explain what a ddos is to you in a way that makes you understand it fully if you don’t have a basic grasp on networking and packets etc,

no, you probably can’t prevent it, he might well be able to do it (though a lot of people just threaten it and can’t), and if you’re with a decent host they’ll be able to mitigate it unless it’s such a big attack then you’ll probably just get nullrouted for a bit or something

I understand. Thanks for your help though

Just think of it as a protest outside your house. When you the pull up there’s 100 people stopping you from walking in your front door or making it very difficult. Then apply the same logic to information being sent to and from your server.

Literally the worst analogy I’ve ever read

Ok lets make it better.

Imagine a router as a store alright? Your store has a limited amount of doors. (Aka ports to connect to) and can only fit a certain amount of people through at a time. Maybe you can only fit 2 people through at once, (this is port size, how many packets can fit through your router at once) and now imagine it’s fucking black friday in november. You have HUNDREDS of people trying to fit through your store now, it becomes slow and stuffed due to the sheer quantity of people coming through. That’s how a “DDoS” happens. Your router has so many packets, that it simply cant process them all. It will start ignoring the packets or respond very slowly.

If you are confused as to what a packet is, a packet is simply information. Imagine a piece of mail inrl. That’s a packet. It “contains” info. Therefore, your router cannot hold how much data is being sent to it, and stops responding. This is a DDoS. It’s physically impossible to stop it depending on how much data is being sent.

Most routers have ports that can withstand 1 GBPS or 10 GBPS or even 40 GBPS. Though, in general, ddos’s can hit up to 350 GBPS and knock anything possible down, meanwhile most ddos’s dont hit that high, ddos protection is another story and easier to explain if you understood my first analogy.

Costs $ to get though.

I want to try an analogy:

Say you’re waiting for an important email, but your inbox suddenly starts getting flooded with thousands of emails per second, unless you know exactly what address your email is supposed to be coming from you can’t reliably search for the email, but you might be able to match a pattern to the fake emails and block them, but it still requires lots of processing power to block each and every one of those emails in real time even though you’ve managed to filter them, and if you do it wrong you’ll lose the important emails and won’t get what you’re waiting for.


i drew an image to visualize the DDOS Problem and how an DDoS Protection could help.

Some good Guide for harden Srcds against some forms of DDoS are https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Srcds_hardening and https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=165560.
with an inteligent usage of the read write rights on certain files, you can block so much bad stuff :wink:


Try to suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

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I dont think I like DDOS.

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I still can’t find a proper reason why this should be in Dev. discussion, it’s not like you can prevent DDoS with Lua.