Ok, so most 12 year olds have managed to get there mommies credit cards and buy a shell booter, when you ban them for bad roleplay, minginess, or anything else.
They start hitting your server, sometimes pretty hard.
How would I go about dealing with these faggots?

Not too many ways to stop an attack. Just sit tight and pray they get bored and move on

Isn’t DDoS a federal crime though?

You can’t do anything against it.

no one cares unless you target big sites, banks, government websites etc

So, if I were to redirect all the packets to a government website, would that be illegal?
I mean, I’m not directly doing anything, and they are hitting government websites.

[Continue Flame]

Terrible idea thinking legally.

Meh, I guess I shouldn’t
Its just REALLY, REALLY annoying.

roleplay servers cause drama and drama means attacks, either host roleplay and deal with attacks or move on to a gamemode that doesn’t attract 5 year olds with mommies debit card

Not meaning to accuse, I could be mistaken. But haven’t you attacked you’re fair amount of RP servers in the past?

Sadly rofl is right though, most servers that get attacked are RP. Sometimes it’s not even something your server has done wrong. Could be some guy starting up a new server and thinks that taking off the top10 DarkRP servers will increase his popularity etc.

Start an RP server that has a strict joining process, probably through a forum. You might as well root out the problem BEFORE it starts, since you can’t do anything after they DDoS you.

Maybe if you treated people with respect and didn’t have an ego the size of mark zuckerberg’s, you wouldn’t get attacked as much?

We are talking about 12 year olds


OP is 13 so there’s no real difference between the two. I have several large GMod servers and we rarely get attacked. (And when we do it rarely makes any difference to us)

You can attempt to null route the attacker(s) IP, usually without much success.

The FBI have better things to deal with.

Happened to me once. Pretty much blocked their IP’s (they were using a tiny botnet of friends).

Nothing you can do about a DDoS though, just hope they don’t cause any bandwidth overusage.

DDoS is a lot more prevalent now, especially with Seth paying people to do his dirty work and DDoS servers.

Hell, Exiled is being DDoSed right now because we got an anticheat for SethHack. Either way, there’s not much you can do other than wait. They’ll get bored and move on eventually.

BRB SPOR this shit up.

DDoS protection exists, you most likely don’t have budget to afford it though.