DDoS'd again?

Having issues joining mine and other servers is it another DDoS attack like yesterday?

Im worried it is.


So does this mean I will lose my hours of progress again? Yay! i love it when they backup plans to prevent data loss! yay… sucks -_-

Buy RUST now, constant ddos attacks and you can’t play

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Nah it’s cool guys, things are back up and the server didn’t have data loss this time

Its not their fault they are getting hit by a DDoS, lay off them.

I don’t mind the DDoS issue i was being patient it was the fact i expected data loss again but I managed to get on and my stuff is still there so it’s okay

I guess its back to making bad jokes with Jonnymad for the next 6 hours =/

Well it was fixed now seems it is back.

not like its an alpha where they warn you that can and will happen all the time anyway

Official Servers = Thanatos, shibbi and Blackrain hacking or
unofficial Servers = DDOSin every night.

How can someone have 2 VaC bans, clearly hack and still manage to play on official servers?

It came back, then gone again.

It seems it’s intermittently back this afternoon.

Keep getting disconnected every 2 mins or more…

Yup, the trolls are back. Guess we got a few good hours of play time in the early morning.

Yep the ddos has started again. Maybe now they will do something about it. Like drop Ulink cause they are garbage.


They have a lot of money and just make a new steam account and rebuy the game.

Trust me, in other games it’s that rampant. Some people just want to fuck up other peoples day for the hell of it, even if it requires them spending money doing so.

Wankers hacking = servers getting DDOS’ed = us nice people can’t play Rust.

Devs/mods ect couldn’t careless about hacking atm they leave it to VaC which bans in waves, but they cant seem to comprehend people couldn’t give a fuck about forking out £25 a month to rebuy the hack/Rust or even just £15 to rebuy Rust.

Until there is more of an active punishment for hackers the game is going to be in an extremely bad state and end up the same as warZ imo which is a shame because I love this game to bits.

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nope, he is still using his original account which was banned twice.

I’m sure the Dev’s and all are doing there best to get on top of the situation.
Just give then a little time. They are not going to fix this over night.

Over night? Guessing you have just started playing…Blackrain is a known hacker and has been doing it for at least 3+ month