ddosed and Banned for "Aimbotting" a speedhacker

I dont have footage of him linking my ip because i was using nvidia to record and didnt press alt-f10 to record last 2 min but i have freinds to prove that i was ddosed because right when he said Bye on chat i was cut offline for 15 hrs.

Gave Out My IP – Khroniics : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085760181
ddosed me— Mr Noob http://steamcommunity.com/id/ggrgereeeee
Name of server — US SOUL - Insta + Drops|Admins|RareC4IWebsite|DoorShare

The hacker must be a complete scrub to assume i Aimbotted him when he was the true hacker but ohh well.

Thanks :slight_smile: Clearly Mr.Noob is also using speedhacker. Reported him for you.

Reporting Mr. Noob for you. Thanks for trying to make the game better. He’s also in game now, probally hacking.

This guy has ddos’d the server I play on and the admin of it after we banned his ass for hacking. I followed him to a new server and got him banned there, he ddos’d that server too. He tried to invite me on steam thru a friend request which I ignored because he will steam call you and snag your ip. I’ve sent a tweet, forum message and email to Garry about this guy and I’ve reported him over twenty times on Steam. He’s the biggest piece of shit cheat I’ve met so far.


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Yea he aint got a life, Literally all he does is hack and ddos until his mom tells him its his bed time

Here’s my post from the hacker thread, he has two friends that followed him when I was tracking him: