DDoSed/DoSed from Cloudcube for no reason or what the fuck is wrong with server owners these days.

Okay, if you’re Australian, you might know the host cloudcube.com.au, right? They have a fretta server, then I bring up my own fretta server, a day or two later, they come on, Menace from cloudcube, and some guy from some group called “CIKAM”, I’m in that group too because my friend is aswell. Right, so they start spamming me with their servers IP, and then they said that it’s their server, and I said “Oh, there is another fretta server” (I didn’t know there was another in AUS til after this…), but they kept spamming the IP, I kicked them, they rejoined and said they did nothing. Menace wouldn’t stop bragging about my server and how bad it is. Then in another gamemode, one of my friends, and said “I’m taking your server down” and then, cikam says, “Hey, what did that guy say about the server going down?” saying it repeatedly trying to get my attention, then, 5 seconds later, server goes down, internet screws up for about 10 minutes, I can only presume Menace or Ghostrider did something to my server/IP address.

I can’t believe how many attacks there are these days…

Okay, ghostrider, I got further proof it could have been you.

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What do you expect when 80% of the gmod players are 13.

But I’m 12, you can’t really ALWAYS judge by age…

Since that is illegal, and you live in the outback where internet laws are crazy, I would assume an empty threat about reporting them should scare them. Throw in their IP to at least try to fake knowing what you are talking about.

Get IP ( Hopefully if they have a static ) and report them.

Thing is, I have no idea what their GSP is…

If you have the IP, you can do a WhoIS to find the ISP

the owner?
why would they attack you if you’re a customer of them?

unless im reading this incorrectly… :S

No, I homehost my own server, I host it using my own network, I’m not their customer, no.

Consider it a compliment as they took the time to take down a server they are jealous of and wish they were. But in all seriousness get their IP’s and contact their ISP about it. Then hopefully they will get a formal warning to cease and desist.

Get your ISP to help ? ( I hope you don’t have a guideline of not hosting servers on your network )

I highly doubt they’ll help since they said DO NOT PORTFORWARD IT’LL WRECK YOUR ROUTER.

It doesn’t necessarily wreck it, but it’s not meant for that type of networking.
It’s not like you voided warranty on something that didn’t have one. Ask for the help, doesn’t hurt to try.

You shouldn’t really be surprised, Garry’s mod is a breeding ground of pointless internet drama.

It’s really hard to prove attacks like this.

The only cases I know of where police even looked into these issues is when the culprit bribes the server owner for cash to stop the attack. Most of the time it’s the only tangible way to link the culprit to the attack. Nearly all idiots who ddos won’t think to get the money in a secure method, on top of that it’s fairly hard and generally not worth the annoyance to get untraceable electronic funds.

When I was attacked by someone in the UK I had obtained his IP, called his local police department getting a report number saying that he has a botnet that is a group of illegally obtained computers that are being used to conduct illegal activity online and could be used to steal bank accounts and credit card numbers. Then I called his ISP and gave them the case number, they told the police the registrants home address and contact information. The police had taken ‘action’ against the registrant who happened to be the parent of the person behind the attacks.

Bastard had it coming.

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I used to be apart of Red Button Labs.
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