DDOSERS joined the server im admin on and ddosed

ayyy lmao

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thank you for the warning dude!

Thanks for the report. I’ve gone ahead banned the guys from GMod so they won’t be doing any more harm to innocent players. It’s thanks to conscientious reporters like you that GMod is so hacker free.

Came to report in that, these two men broke our banning firewalls and they are on the loose.

The cause of our system failure is unknown and we are looking to move our bans to the Serverwatch corporation.

Don’t worry, the big server men that work there will be watching over our darkrp servers now.

If you have not realized yet, no-one gives a shit here. It is that easy these days to go onto hack forums and buy a semi-powerful booter. Best thing to do is to just ignore it and inform your host.

did you try enabling the core flux capacitors and switching on the thermostatic conductive cells?

Pouring soda on your server rig should fix it.

nice meme


The Owner was downloading “M-rated” material on the box’s root user directory…

Definitely not an attack.

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You’re going to get banned for that image, you know

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