so this game is extremely susceptible to attacks. constant server wipes and ip changes with the attacks is absolutely KILLIng this game. It is literally every server. if you claim your server is ddos proof its not. period.

How can this be minimized? Are we supposed to just hope it goes away? Anyone know what needs to be done about this?

The people doing it are complete cunts. It’s not a minor annoyance for people in most parts of the world, its a game bricking flaw, on my best day I get ping equivalent to U.S. players in the middle of a DDOS attack, it get’s much much worse if I happen to be on the receiving end of one as well.

these forums are hilarious. instantly get 2 ‘dumb’ votes.

no suggestions, or anything, just DUMB. great job. you enjoy ddos? i cant even understand wtf is wrong with people

It’s dumb because it has nothing to do with the game. The servers are being ddos’ed not the game, dumbass.

It’s also dumb because you say “literally” when there are thousands of servers that are working fine.

yeah no shit, which is the inspiration for the post. “are we supposed to just hope it goes away? anyone know what can be done?”

because if we have to just hope it goes away, it wont, which means the game is dead/broken. might as well stop playing now before i waste any more time

Oh yea, sure is dead… especially since almost 26,000 people are playing right now and peak today was at 40k.

Post any kind of complaint, regardless of how valid it is, and the fanboys will do that.

what exactly would you like facepunch studios ltd to do about it

“hi ddos attackers would you mind not ddosing? that’d be swell thanks”

man u are brain dead. and for the record this game is losing peak players steadily. i check every other day.

just because im facing facts and reality, that if ddos is here to stay forever we have a massive problem doesnt make me dumb. you are quite the gold forum member. real first rate stuff from u

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do u have reading comprehension skills at all? im asking the ‘community’ for lack of a better word what can be done. it seems like nothing, which means we are all faced with the reality that this game is becoming unplayable. i understand it has nothing to do with facepunch, or rust technically, but they have massive incentives to try to do something about it, and are pretty much the only one who can.

You’re so damn pessimistic…
If it’s destined to failure then why are you still here? You haven’t suggested anything to fix the problem, if you want something to be done about it then do it.
Stop complaining to other people to get someone to do the work for you.

Why don’t you do some research into DDoS and see how easy it is to do these days, and how difficult it is to stop it.
I sure as shit don’t want to pay $200+ a month to get a server with protection that can stop a 50gb/s attack. Why don’t you pay for it so you can play all you want.

I’d just like to see them address the lag issue. Up until a couple weeks ago lag was never a big deal, but now it seems every server I play on has big lag spikes periodically throughout the day. I know it’s not my internet as Rust is the only thing that is affected when these spikes happen and I see everyone else ingame complaining about it too. It started happening around the time they put in those mutant animals.

maybe i have, and it doesnt work. the ‘ddos’ proof servers dont work. pessimistic? maybe, but its really just facing reality. iv ‘tolerated’ attacks for as long as humanely possible but there is no end in sight.

There’s no such thing as “ddos proof”, you can get protection up to a certain amount but any system that filters that stuff out can get flooded.
Look, I totally get that it’s frustrating. What’s worse is that anyone with a debit card can go online and buy machines specifically designed to take advantage of certain loopholes or even just brute force a server down.
But right now you’re blaming the devs and there’s not really anything they can do about it. You should be contacting HFB or Multiplay or FPS or whoever else actually hosts and controls the servers.
Rust is in the spotlight right now, so it’s an easy target for douchebags… not to mention this is the type of game that tends to attract douchebags in the first place just due to it’s nature. (I’m not calling anyone here a douchebag, but we all know they’re there)

I know, I know… I’m such a fanboy. Obviously since I like something and I’m more patient that change and progress will happen that makes me just a worthless fanboy.

look i know at the end of the day we are on the same page with this issue, and i dont want to keep arguing with you on this , but this comment is very inaccurate to what i have been saying in 5 straight comments. i put ‘ddoss proof’ in quotes because i was mocking it. and i understand its not facepunchs fault. no where have i said ANYTHING about blaming the devs. if u feel the need just reread my comments i understand the situation. im just very frustrated that we are completely helpless and it will destroy this game.

The first thing you can do is not give the DOSers attention, because that’s exactly what they’re looking for.

That means don’t make threads ranting about them. They probably read these forums as well, and your protests only encourage them to keep harrassing you.

while yes i totally agree with you on this strategy when dealing with similar situations, the maturity level of a ddoser is already so low, they get all the attention they need to keep doing it even with no attention given.

This problem existed in Garry’s Mod (and numerous other games) and has spread to Rust. Considering the community and how a majority of it came from Garry’s Mod (or Minecraft, or DayZ), this isn’t very shocking.

looks like the best way to fight ddos is to wait for them to do fatal damage to the population and they move to another game out of boredom. iv never played any game where ddos was even close to as much of a problem as rust. not even remotely close.

You could easily DDoS any community server on any video game. Rust just has the community that’s perfect for the people that like to DDoS.

DDoS’ing is a way to “remove” competition as well as a way to stir up drama. Some people laugh at that, some people use that to their advantage…

You cant DDOS a game. You can DDOS a server that has no protection to it though.