DDS and VTF conversions (mipmaps help)

I have a question regarding preserving mipmaps in DDS files when converting them to VTF format. I know VTFedit and the VTFedit plugin for photoshop can easily convert a DDS file to VTF, however it seems to re-create the mipmaps during the conversion. Now if I put the option to create no mipmap, it just trashes the mipmap data entirely. Now someone pointed me to a program that converts DDS files to VTF that DOES preserve the mipmap data, however unlike VTFedit it does not allow for many options or more importantly the ability to put a bunch together in an animated texture.

Is there any other program or an option im missing in VTFedit that will do the DDS to VTF conversion without trashing/rebuilding the mipmap data?

Try porting it to vtf with mipmaps then adding options?

How do you preserve the mipmaps? They seemed to still be there when I converted the DDS files to TGA files, but I’ve not seen them when I convert the TGA files to VTFs (also what re mipmaps exactly?)

Okay, perhaps I need to explain with pics. Mipmaps are series of smaller images that fade between eachother the farther you get away from it. By editing one image in the series, you can achieve an effect where I have here this guys face turns into a zombie when you get close enough to him.

I used bloodlines tools to convert the saved DDS file to VTF and it kept the mipmaps from the DDS file no problem. I made sure of this by opening the file in VTFedit and going to the “mipmap” number and cycling through it as you can see in the picture.

However when I use VTFedit itself to do the DDS to VTF conversion it will re-generate the mipmaps as you can see on the bottom screenshots; nullifying the effect I wanted. The big question is there antother program or setting in VTFedit to keep the mipmaps from the DDS file. Also I have tried unchecking the “generate mipmaps” box when it prompts you when you convert and it just eliminates them entirely.

Again the reason I want to know is because bloodlines does not allow for multiple files to be compiled into an animated texture.

Interesting, thatnkyou for the explaination :slight_smile: Do you have a link to this bloodlines tool?

Also wikipedia has a more detailed technical explanation for mipmaps. As for the bloodlines tool:

Under the “texture tools” tab choose the DDS file and hit the “convert DDS to VTF” button.

Thankyou that looks like it could be a very useful tool :smiley:

You’re welcome :smiley:
Now does anyone know any other tools that might be able to do what im looking for? I couldn’t figure out how to do it with VTFCmd in VTFlib (someone said it might be possible with that) or mabey there is a command I do not know (let alone know how to use VTFlib).

I tried VTFtool but it kept crashing on opening.