DDS texture compiling error(Modern warfare3 vehicles)

I’m making modern warfare3’s broken vehicles model with 3d ripper dx.(GAZ,Stryker,T90,M1A2…and so on)
Ripping finished,and I’m trying to make textures…but…vehicles textures are “empty”.( It happens on vehicles model only.)

I compiled dds files with “Easy2convert dds to image”.
WHY THE HELL???How to compile the dds files of vehicles???

Why not just open the .dds files with Photoshop?

Yes, why not use photoshop? In MW2 I had to edit normals and speculars anyway, probably thats a necessity here too.

There are 1478 dds files.Can photoshop open it with one task??
I don’t have much time to search vehicles textures.

If you are doing it for source download VTFEdit and open the dds, then save them as vtf.

You have to do it one by one in everything that I know of.