!(DE)! #1 Rust in Peace ActiveAdmin/PvP/Rust++/Share Door/etc.

(DE/EU) Schnuffelbude AktivAdmin/PvP/SleepOn/Rust++/50%Craft

Hi guys! A New German Server is Online.
All Guys from around the World are Welcome :slight_smile:

!! We would welcome any suggestion for improvement of the server !!

Wipe 16.01.14
Sleep On
50% Craft Time
Server slots: 100
**Active admins **
No cheating allowed
Air drops with only 3 people online
Server ip: - (net.connect

RUST ++ installed

/starter (gives a configurable starter kit)
/share playername (shares your doors with a player)
/pm “playername” “message” (private messages a player)
/r message here (quick reply to last PM)
/history (Shows chat history)
/players (Shows online players)
/location (Shows the coordinates of the player)
/ping (shows latency between client and server)
/friends (shows your friends list)
/addfriend playername (adds a player to your friends list)
/unfriend playername (removes a friend)

We are pleased about every new player :slight_smile:

You have maybe a Question? Conntect me by Steam Nick : Chinnmorph
Greeting Chinmorph



Bounce :slight_smile:

Bounce :stuck_out_tongue:

Bounce :slight_smile: