[DE] #1 Sync-Rust.Meximas.com [Rust++] || Unique Idea - Items Shop on Website

Hello Everbody!

I’m running a 1 Month old Rust Server and always love to see new server members. :slight_smile:
My Server grants you many different cool features, also some outside of the game itself - On the Server Website. :wink:

About the Server

-The Server has got 50 Slots I will buy more if I need to one day. :wink:
-I am online as much as I can, ready to help where it’s needed. I’ll also port you to your friends if you are joining the Server for the first time - So it’s easier for you guys to get started. :slight_smile:
-Hackers will get banned instantly after beeing spotted.
-The Mod Rust++ is active on our Server, this give you many commands you can use in the chat!
-You can speak English or German on my Server, it’s up to you!
-Airdrops start at 10 people online, I keep an eye on them and make sure it’s balanced!
-PvP is enabled
-Sleepers are also enabled
-The Server is running completely Lag Free, perfect gaming conditions. :slight_smile:
-I’m looking for Admins! - But I’m not just giving anybody Admin rights, I’m looking for a person who is taking care about everything - like me. You have to get new members on my Server, you have to be nice and help other people, you’re not allowed to abuse your admin rights in any way and you have to be online atleast ~ every 2 days and play a bit. All in all - I want you to help me to make this Server to something special! If you’re going to stop playing the game in a few days or weeks, this is also nothing for you.

The Commands you can use on the Server

**/share playername **(shares your doors with a player)
**/unshare playername **(unshares your doors with a player)
/player Shows online Players
/help (Shows commands)
/pm “playername” “message” (private messages a player. MUST BE USED IN QUOTES)
/r message here (quick reply to last PM)
/history (Shows chat history, last 12 messages by default)
**/ping **(shows latency between client and server)
/starter (3 Cooked Chicken Breast, 1 Stone Hatchet, 1 Sleeping Bag | 10h Cooldown)
**/friends **(shows your friends list)
/addfriend playername (adds a player to your friends list)
**/unfriend playername **(removes a friend)

What is Unique about this Server?

I’m programming a Website for the Server and just finished the Shop system. If you register on the Website you’ll get some starting Credits
which you can spent to order Ingame Items!
It’s not possible to earn those credits yet, since I still need to program the Forum. In the Future Users will be able to earn Credits by beeing a nice and helpful Member of the Server Website. :wink:
The Shop is NOT Overpowered and I’ll make sure it never gets, it’s just a nice addition to the Website so you get something in return for using it. :wink:

How to connect?

If you are interested in joining, Press F1 Ingame and enter:


Or simply search for our Servername [EU] Sync’s Rust++ [No Decay][ItemShop].

You can also visit the Servers Website, every important information and the Item-Shop is located there. :slight_smile:
The Website is in German, but I’ll translate it to english soon! (Might be switchable)


Join my Steam group and you’ll get a few extra credits. :slight_smile:
We’re already 100+ Members!


And if you enjoy the Server a feedback would be nice. <3

Happy Rusting,

Bump <3
Give me a chance guys :3

15 People online right now, we’re becoming more and more :slight_smile:
Join now, Fresh Server - Perfect for the new start. :wink:

Cmon guys, server is getting more and more positive feedback :slight_smile:

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The first PvP Action and some Raids have been going on, the community is active and nice, check it out. :slight_smile:

And the People are joining again! Come now :slight_smile: Join our community!

Come check out my server! We got people playing all the time :slight_smile:

I’d love to see some of you guys come around!
I’m gonna program a Website for the Server soon, I want to include some Ideas - for example earning some kind of Forum $ with wich you can buy Items ingame. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hop on, start your new life. <3

Hey, I’m getting failed to connect every time I try to join right now. It says 7 people are online though?

Any idea what the problem might be?

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dw fixed now :slight_smile:

We’re still getting new people every day! :smiley: Try the server out guys, you wont regret! :wink:

Come play! :smiley:

Bump !
People are Pvping right now :smiley:

Come for some night pvp action ! :smiley:

Come check out the server!

So the website I started to program is going good!
Check it out, it’s not finished yet but you can see everything thats planned already, and some stuff is already working. :slight_smile:


In the future you’re going to be able to earn credits on the website to exchange them for ingame items. :3
How exactly everything will be I can’t tell you yet, but I’m gonna start programing now again! :wink:

We’re using Rust++ now, and got an Ingame Item Shop on the Website!
Will anybody check it out? It’s worth a try! :wink:

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We got the first orders already :smiley:

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a Bunch of people are playing again :smiley: Come join us :slight_smile:

/Bump :slight_smile: My Target is to get a big community! I hope I can achieve that :smiley:

More and more people register on our website too :slight_smile: Come check out my server <3

a New Day brings new Action :smiley: Who will we fight today or help building a base? :slight_smile:
Hit me up if you join :slight_smile: My Ingame name is Sync :wink:

I’ll start with the forum programming probably today! :slight_smile:

Some airdrops in the last time :smiley: Come get your one if you’re lucky :smiley: