[DE] ATOMZONE PvP|Sleepers|50%Craft|Airdrop|Hackers=Kickban

[DE] ATOMZONE PvP|Sleepers|50%Craft|Airdrop|Hackers=Kickban


Sick of servers with childish, cheating administrators and hackers ruining the game?
We will do our best to provide a server with fairplay.


-pvp on
-sleepers on
-half crafttime
-no wipes (unless an update requires a wipe)
-random Airdrops (airdrop.min_players = 4 - will be increased later)
-50 player slots
-no chat language restrictions, taunts/insults are allowed, spam is not allowed
-server in germany, started on 07.Feb.2014
-no admin abuse, never!
-active admin watching over players and checking for hackers.

-Oxide 1.13
-DoorSharung 1.10 (/share username)

Look out for treasure boxes all over the map.
They will contain loot based on how difficult they are to find:

A box in an open house can contain starter items.
A box behind a wooden door can contain construction parts or simple weapons.
A box behind a metal door can contain high end weapons, explosives and supply signals.

report cheaters to:

A hacker has been caught speedhacking and was kickbanned from the server.

Thanks for the mail-report.

Airdrop at 4 = Alot of C4 dropping… Unless you’ve edited the loot tables…