-[DE]- Auenland -[DE]- [Airdrop|No Wipe|Oxide]

Welcome to
-[DE]- Auenland -[DE]- [Airdrop|No Wipe|Oxide]

For our server entered in the “F1” key and enter the following:

What can you offer the server?:
4 Aktive Admins

Be fair Let newcomers in peace, or help them
Does not rely on the building of the other players
No insults & Racism
No Admin Abuse
No Cheating, Griefing, Glitching, Exploiting

Server data:
Server restart every day at 05:00 clock
Sleeper: OFF
Airdrops: from 2 players
Wipe: No one planned!
Plugins: Link

For questions about the server logs you in Teamspeak: (IP: (Please speeches in German ) :slight_smile:
Admins: Falli_Saar, Vangers, Parciphal, TheMaRv1