[DE / EN] 24/7 Lag-free server -> sleeper / active admins + support / 50% crafttime / FAIR!

hello there :slight_smile:

we opened a server to play fair and with fun together with nice ppl (or against them ;))

dont let me talk shit and just give you the infos you want to see yourself:

servername: [[DE]] Couchgaming less crafttim

press F1 ingame
type in console: net.connect
and… welcome

location: germany
hoster: http://deinserverhost.de
slots: 200

#50% crafttime
#Airdrops @3+ players so mostly always and with normal time (but more times 3 of them)
#VERY active admins around 7H/day playtime - all of them 18+ (3 persons)
#support - there is a hacker ? just call us @ingame chat and we come to you and check it WE INSTANT BAN EVERY HACKER FOREVER!
#active chat with community - the ingame chat is always active so feel free to ask every question :slight_smile: we like to help

#sometimes we call up to 3 airplanes to drop stuff on different parts of map (with supply signal to be sure)
#treasure-hunt - somewhere @water we will build a crate with some sweets inside (like blueprints, ammo, build-stuff) but dont too much to make it unfair for winner and never guns/highest armor (maybe leather ? :))
#fortress PvP - we have 4 fortress’s on a location far away from road and spawns and teleport groups who want to do it here in their own fort - the target is to conquer enemy’s fort and defend the own - the winner get some nice loot! (metal buildparts, M4 blueprint, ammo, rad. armor)
#suggestions ? we always like to listen to you

want to see it live and join a nice community ? join us :wink:

#update next few minutes so you can enjoy a clean wiped server with NEWEST version :slight_smile:
we hope this will be the first and last wipe we have to do but always remember its not final version

cheers and have fun

today we had our user record: 13 users :slight_smile:
i hope the community grow and enjoy the time - thanks for visits i hope you stay ! <3