Hello Community,

new Server with 50 Slots went online on 22.01.14.
Hoster: deinserverhost.de

Installed Mods: Oxid (Oxmin + Door-Share)

  • Door-Sharing
  • Original Craft-Time
  • NO Sleepers
  • PvP
  • Airdrops at 25 Player
  • Starter Kit
  • Server-Wipes and Restarts just with an info


Have fun!

Sad panda Whom you(Beweel) killed while I was trying to kill you with a rock. Deserved to be killed :stuck_out_tongue: but seemed fun chasing you.
I haven’t played the game for 2 days. I joined the server and my Building which I built with 3 others is gone…
I still have all my guns and other inventory stuff but my building is gone. It was 2 floors big and on mountain.
I understand that someone could have destroyed it but there where no pillars, foundation or even ceilings left.
Could someone be hacking on the server? Searched the internet and there’s a hack which allows people to destroy houses…

I have asked everyone about if someone lost all their pillars and foundations. no-one had an answer
The admins never responded to any of my messages even on steam. I’ve found out that there’s a new plug-in “vinegar” which allows admin to destroy pillars foundation and others.
I’m sure that they used it for payback because I had walled the entrance of his buddy. Whom wanted to claim the french valley and killed anyone who dared to enter the valley.