☞[DE/EN]★GOLDRUST★|PvP|NoWipe|AirDrops@10|Sleeper|4No obs

Welcome to GOLDRUST!

We are a few german gaming freaks hosting a Rust server. We are using the premium host service from playrust.eu with 1 dedicated core, 2GB Ram and 250 player slots. (Actualy limited at 100) There are 4 Admins active ready to help you.

The map is brandnew and used since march 2014. The setting of the server is player versus player, no wipe, air drops at 10 players, sleeper mode enabled, lagg free and absolutely beginner friendly! :slight_smile: We are looking for new players!

To connect to our server press F1 at the ingame start screen and type net.connect eude50.playrust.eu:28020 in the console.


Yours sincerely, Halja1945