[DE/EN]-TheLOST-|Sleep,PvP,StartHouse,Airdrops,Leveling,Groups,|Ac tive Admins

Our Teamspeak: thelostserver.de.vu:10157
Our Rust- Server: net.connect
Slots: 100

Starter Kit
StarterHouse Kit (Metal)
50 % Craft
FPS SpeedUp (/fps)
Chat History (/history)
PlayerList (/players)
DoorSharing / Password
Active Admins / No Cheat
L.E.S. - Leveling (Groups inside)

You are very welcome to join our server. We are noobfriendly and give you a lot of possibilities to enjoy the game. If you have questions please contact our adminteam.

We hope to see you soon.