[DE/EU] Best Rust - NO RUSSIANS! (Modded Vanilla! How does that even work?)

[DE/EU] Willkommen zu Hause


Start: 25.03.2014
Last wipe: Never
Next wipe: Never (yes, we don’t wipe)

net.connect rust.bloodisgood.org:28600

Location: Germany, Frankfurt

**Welcome *to the best vanilla Rust experience! Join this non-modded community server for a fun gameplay equally well for new and experienced players, for friendly people and exciting PVP.

This server has

20+ Commands (click for list, usage and explanation)
VIP mode (10+ hours)
No wipes
Sleepers enabled (new players use /quit)
Slower than normal decay
Active admins
Custom airdrops
Paperless researching
Russian IPs auto-banned**
Stats: http://bloodisgood.org/rust
Pisg generated chat statistic
Mumble and TeamSpeak server
In-game chat mirrored into IRC
Allowed languages are German and English for the global server chat.
There are no rules except the usual, no cheating.
Most people on this server are friendly. But it’s free PVP and you can do whatever you like.

SPECIAL OFFER ONLY FOR A SHORT TIME: Vote for this server on Top Rust Servers and get a free Airdrop Supply Signal (one for the first vote, two for the third vote and three for the fifth vote, total of six signals).

For all information about this server and a list of all commands and how to use them, as well as a player graph, statistics and chat log, visit http://bloodisgood.org/rust

Download our ban list for your server!

No, you do not get free weapons from admins or from a kit. If you are too lazy to play this game properly, go find a different server!

As a clarification: This is a PVP server and there is nothing that can protect you from getting shot. We provided a** /quit command** you can use while you are not VIP to prevent your body to be killed while you are logged out, that’s it. If you are getting shot or raidet every time you make a step outside, that’s exactly what Rust is.
You can not go alone on a server with 40 to 50 online players and expect them all to be friendly and not shoot on sight. If you want to play this game as intended, get some friends to come on the server, play in a group and hide your base.
If you are completely new to this game, go watch some Youtube videos on how to build secure bases first.

We are not prosecuting players who build glitch bases. If we had to check every base for glitched building methods, we’d have to ban everybody. This game is alpha and that’s how it works. If you think this kills the fun, then this alpha is not for you and you should wait until the game is released and all bugs are fixed (or you go play on a modded server where they have completely rewritten the game, so the server plays it for you).

*** We are banning everybody joining with a Russian IP address. If you think that’s racist, you haven’t quite understood what racism, or a race per se, is. Please don’t tell us how racist you think it is, we don’t give a flying fck and all you will get is a kickban. If you are offended and want to cry about it, please visit one of the other 50 servers that ban Russians and do it there.

This is truely a great server. There are so many features increasing the fun of vanilla and at the same time the gameplay itself is not changed too much. Probably the best feature is that all russians are automatically banned. On average there are 8 to 12 players online, sometimes up to 30 or more. Most active times are 17:00 to 22:00 CE(S)T!

Hey guys! Come check it out!In other words, “BUMP”! The more people in the server the more Airdrops are in the air and the more fun we have! Great server. I’ve really enjoyed playing so far!:smiley:

We have now implemented Groups.
You can create a group using !gcreate your group name here
Invite players using !ginvite player name here and accept the invite with !gaccept
Leave a group using !gquit

WoW Gachl. This Group function is cool! I like it pretty much!
Good Work! keep it up!

I have noticed lots of players join just to try out a command called “tpa” only to quit after they see that it doesn’t work.
Too bad people are not interested in alternatives, because they’d have to learn something and it also involves reading. Oh no reading.

To try and keep these players on the server, I have looked up what this tpa command does and implemented my own interpretation of it.

You can now use !tpr raven to request a teleport to player BiG|Raven who can accept your request using !tpa. Once accepted you can only use !tpr again in 24 hours.

Also, as all commands that involve teleportation, this one has a 30 second cooldown before the teleport is executed to prevent this from being used in combat. Obviously, this feature is for non-VIPs only as only new players have a reason to use it.

[editline]15th May 2014[/editline]

The karma system has been enabled now. You can give players !good or !bad karma or check their !karma.

If a player has low karma, a warning message will be shown stating that this player is dangerous upon joining.

This Karma feature is funny and a good plugin! :smiley:
Like this very much! Good Work!

We now automatically ban people with VAC bans on record < 365 days. If you happen to have hacked any online game during the last 12 months, you are not credible and very likely to hack Rust. Hackers are not welcome.

We know you were banned because of CSS. We know it was your younger brother. We know you usually don’t hack and we know that you don’t hack Rust. We just don’t care.

This is currently in a pilot phase for testing. We may change this to ban people with any VAC bans, no matter how long ago.

This is a good Plugin! Give Hacker no Chance!
Come play now! People are setting up atm =) .

Players now get a free supply signal when they become Platinum VIP (100 hours).

Just Saw a Huge Building on this Server near Big Rad… Dude Awesome!

I like this server, because the Admin helps, if you need him, u dont even have to wait 5 mins, instant help, nice!

Im with a group on the server and there are several others but if you dont attack others you dont get killed.

There are some supply drops, but not to many. If the server population grows, there will be more Air drops.

I highly advice you to come on the server, would be great if there are more players.

Have fun and play fair.

Greets Packy

Yesterdays peak was 18 players. Thank you for visiting!

I agree with you Packjack. The Airdrop Timer on this Server is great.
Yesterday was huge action at the Landing Zones.
Keep enjoy playing on it!

Greetz Kanlo

Airdrops are random
0 - 1 players: no airdrop
2 - 4 players: one airdrop every 60 to 90 minutes
5 - 19 players: one airdrop every 30 to 45
20+ players: two airdrops evey 30 to 45 minutes

The Airdrop ratio is great Gachl. Come and play with us folks.
This server is very friendly against new players. Come try it out!

Greetz Kanlo

10 players at the moment. Join in for the fun!

ohh guys. This Server is so powerfull ! Played / Playing on it, every day. Beginners are highlighted in the Chat. With the Karma function you can see if a player is a good one or a bad one. When you play and type in /groups you can see the names of active Groups. Its an good orientation for new players.

If you are interested in playing alone or with your Group, you are very welcome to join this Server.

Nice, stable server and nice people and admins. :yarr:

Speaking of stable, I don’t automatically restart the server every day (which I probably should). Yesterday it started lagging and I had to restart wile people were online, sorry about that.