[DE/EU] New Server 28.02.2014/ Aktiv-friendly Admins/ Beginner friendly/ Airdrops/ No Wipe/ Sleeper/ PvP/ 75ppl Server

You are new to the game? Join our awesome server, every “noob” is welcome.
Everybody is welcome, we hope you enjoy your stay, ask if you need help and just have fun!
Bothered about Glitchers, Griefers, abusive Admins using God mode? Not on our Server!


  • PvP On
  • Sleepers
  • 75 Slot
  • 3 Friendly Admins


  • No Racism
  • No hard words to other players
  • No Hacking
  • No Bug abuse (like suicide bases and stairs made from barricades)
  • No Admin Abuse – we play like anyone else
  • No Spam
  • Be nice to newly players


  • 15 player airdrops
  • Original Server
  • Good ping

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Servername: ![DE/EU]NEWSERVER15.03.2014/RustigenRoss/Noobfriendly/AD=15PPl/
To connect press F1 in menu and type net.connect

And small events :smiley:

Hello, about an hour ago there was a server crash/restart and since then i am stuck on “waiting for character”.
I searched the forums for this problem and i found this:

Redownloading the game will not work, Nor will scanning of his or her files. This has to be done by a server admin who has ftp access.
Find out the persons Steam ID who is having this issue on the specific server.
Once you have the Steam ID of the person, Find their steam ID folder under the folder location: /save/myserverdata/userdata
Inside the userdata should be folders of the steamID of that user delete it. it will fix his problems and allow him to log back in.

Here are my steamID: STEAM_0:0:52999837
steamID64: 76561198066265402
steam name: G13

I hope you can help me because i really want to play on your server.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We have solved the problem with their steamid :slight_smile:

Join our Steamgroup :smiley:

:slight_smile: Server wurde heute zurück gesetzt :slight_smile: Neuer Name:

New Rules

Me and my mates are playing here since last week. Nice Admins and mostly nice players. New players will get some stuff from us to start with. So join us and ask for me (38er*Endgegnertyp).