[DE/EU] Noobfriendly, new server! Last Wipe 27/2

Hey guys,

we have launched a new server.
We are a team of 2 admins and 3 moderators.
Admins and Mods play with restricted rights and help beginners to get up.

Server settings (Mod Essentials):
Sleeper: ON
Cheatpunch: ON
Removaltool: OFF (But maybe ask the admins, i think they will help you)
Airdrop: At 6 Players, 1 time / dayphase
Doorshare: ON
Friendsystem: ON
Day 45Min / Night 15Min
Rare Military

PvP ARENA EVENTS! @ Weekend :wink:

Serverlocation: Frankfurt, Germany

Just Type in your console (F1) -> net.connect

See you there :wink: