[DE/EU] RustBox | PVP | Anticheat | Wipe 14.03. | Active Admin | HIGH Performance Server

Hey friends,

i would like to recommend you a new server, wich wiped a short time ago.

It is a not modded pure Rust Server (only some mods for admin use and better cheat detection though) with classic settings, ACTIVE Admins, friendly Players, also good for bigger Groups!!!

  • No gameplay influencing Mods

  • Classic Rust

  • Mature Players / active Admins

  • Half durability for your gear!

  • Airdrops at 25 atm, the weekend will grant some starting drops

  • Cheaters get banned quick; Server has report function

  • Server own Teamspeak 3 Server at

  • **Don’t block houses permanently **with solid walls or a new room wich prevents the house owner to access his house permanently.

  • Base take over allowed!

  • No use of hacks or cheats If you want to report the use of any “hack”, please provide any kind of evidence to the admin! ( Screens, Vids ) We are thankful for any solid hint and will ban every cheat attempt permanently.

  • no flaming, no really rude language

  • Fair and active Admins;they wont play on this server and no, they won’t kill animals for you nor give you gear and also they won’t teleport you, they are neutral to everyone!

Ignoring this small “DON’T” list might lead to a ban!
Join [DE/EU] RustBox | PVP | Anticheat | Wipe 14.03. | Active Admin |**


Teamspeak 3 IP :

Come and join our friendly community or come and find your favourite enemy gang to fight, its up to you; make your choice!

See you soon =)


Good bunch of guys, very fair server, nice to see a good server with active admins up and running

I joined the server 15 minutes ago and have to say: very friendly players, but also a good fit for bigger clans that look forward to fight other clans. no lags what so ever until now, good ping. keep up the good work guys!

very friendly players, good server. I will have fun here.
good work mr Admin!

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Bump it up :smiley:

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gogogo rly nice server

Good server, mature admin and friendly people :slight_smile:

Bump it!

Still need more Players; come on, populate it! :smiley:

48/100 players playing, gogogo guys!

Really nice server also for big groups! Cool people and evil killers =) U can visit me! i live at small Red - helping naked guys =)

Bump! Bump! Bump!

Great Server! Just Love it, nice admin nice ppl to fight and farm with! Just great!
Join the RustBoxing Community! :wink:

Bump =) 50/100 now, lets go!


After midnight more than 40 Player’s Online!
Awesome Server!

Server still can use some players in the early hours, feel invited! :smiley:

I Like! Bump.