[DE/EU]Rustland NEW 23/02 | Airdrop | PvP| C4 not craftable

Join the server:
Press F1 and paste this into console:


Server Details:

  • 150 Slots (extensible if needed)
  • Server is located in Germany
  • daily backups

Server Features:

  • Active admins
  • Kill Statistics
  • PvP enabled
  • Sleepers enabled
  • 6 Airdrops/24h RL Time & +15 Players
  • ChatHistory
  • DeathMessage
  • no craftable C4
  • Ranking


  • No cheating/hacking/duping/spamming/advertising

We are unsatified with the Servers we’ve played on in the past.
Admins who never show up or abused their power and
cheaters who ruined the fun for everyone and were left unpunished.
That’s why we decided to take the burden on our shoulders to set up a server
that we ourselfs would want to play on and hopefully you too.


Vote 4 US!



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Best Server EU, Ative Admins no Abuse