(DE/EU) Schnuffelbude AktivAdmin/PvP/SleepOn/Rust++/25%Craft

Hello Guys,

i have wiped our Server and we hope to get some people they have fun at our server.
The name is: (DE/EU) Schnuffelbude Wipe23.01/AktivAdmin/NoSleep/Oxide/25%Craft

And here are some details

Wipe 23.01.14
Sleep OFF
25% Craft Time
Server slots: 100
Active admins (cheater get Banned)
Air drops at 3 people online
Server ip: - ( net.connect )
Oxide installed (and many Plugins !!)

pls look at the server an maybe help us to make the server to something special …
We See you on the Server :wink:

Sry for my English :smiley:
If you have Question … Pls Add Chinnmorph on Steam … :slight_smile:

Bounce :slight_smile: pls … we need players :slight_smile:

Now SLEEP OFF !!! Maybe better for some new player :slight_smile:

Bounce :slight_smile:

Bounce :slight_smile: