[DE/EU] Wipe 30.04! Play Hard&Fair/PVP/Airdrop/ActiveAdmins

Hi Community,

we wipe our Server today at night so come and grap the best seats! Official wipe date is tomorrow (17.05.2014)

We are active, mature and fair admins. We don’t wipe the server randomly and we do ban hackers as best as we can! Our Community is nice and fair.

[DE/EU]Wipe 17.05! Anticheat/AIR35+/Stats/PVP/Fair&ActiveAdmins


  • We lowered the high tech loot such as M4, Explosive Charges, Bolt Action, F1 Grenade.
  • Explosives are not Craftible and only in Airdrops! (This way big groups won’t auto win after 1 week)
  • No Airdrops the first 2 days! Sleeper and PVP is ON.
  • Slightly lower Durability rate for Weapons/Tools

Installed Mods:
Admin Name (For Admins)
Airdrop Frequency Controller (For Admins)
AutoCommands (For Admins)
AutoMessage (For Admins)
Chat History (1.4.1)
Chat Moderation (2.3)
Chat Name (For Admins)
Crafting Controller (For Admins)
Death Handler+MySQL+AntiCheat (1.6.2 rc4)
Door Sharing (dev 1.1c)
Flags (For Admins)
Flags Wrapper (For Admins)
Friends (0.1.1)
Inventory Viewer (For Admins)
List Players (
Loot Spawn Lists (For Admins)
MOTD (For Admins)
Oxide Default LUA (For Admins)
Oxmin (For Admins)
R-AntiSpeed Hack with Auto-Ban (1.0.5)
Remover Tool (For Admins)
Server Rules (1.2)
Stats (1.3.1)

How old are you guys?

Hello FragM

Admins are in the age of 26-31, community is mixed but we appreciate 18+

We kick/ban insulting behaviour this also means massive flamers or rage kids…