[DE/EU] Wiped:23.2 / AD25+ / Activ Admins / 1/2 Craft / Rust++

Hey guys, you looking for a brand new Server?! We got one for you!
Join our Server by using F1 and enter net.connect
and check out the Server Informations below


● Fresh Server: Started 23.02.2014
● PvP
● Airdrops : At 25+ Players.
● Half Crafting Time: Less waiting for crafting.
● Sleepers : Raid and Kill People when they are offline.
● Friends: Friend System so you can form groups and be sure to not kill your friends by accident.
● Doorsharing: Share your Doors with your Friends.
● Active Admins : We try our best to keep admins on at all time for you if you need support.
● CheatPunch : Of Course we dont like cheaters so we try our best to keep them away from our server.

● Rust++ : /help to view commands
● Friend System : /addfriend “playername”
● List Players : /players
● PM System : /pm “playername” “message”
● CheatPunch

Join the Action! net.connect