[DE] !NEW! Camlann PVP/Sleep Airdrops 35!


first some information about the server:

Name: [DE] !NEW! Camlann PVP/Sleep Airdrops 35!
Playerslots: 200
Location: Germany, Frankfurt
Online since: 30.12.2013
Population: ~ 25 Players

Why should you join our server ?:

We made some very bad experiences on other servers. Admins didn’t bother to walk invisible around the map and destroy randomly structures.
Another case was when we were raiding an enemy group. The Admin decided to intervene by teleporting himself on a roof and shooting us with the bolt action rifle. There are several another cases, which I don’t want to point out here.
At some point we were sick of admin abuses. So we decided to setup our own server (information above).

  • We guarantee you an admin abuse free server.
  • We do not tolerate verbal abuse in global chat (We prefer also no verbal abuse in voicechat, but we can’t observe that. It’s anyway roleplay and thereby part of the game).
  • There are already several small groups (clans) on the server and we look forward to fill the 200 slots :).
  • You can join our Steamgroup if you like. There you can discuss everything about the game and more. Link: www.rust-camlann.de.
  • We look forward to establish a teamspeak server very soon.
  • So far many players are german, but also players of other countries are welcome.

To join our server press “F1” to open the console.
Type in “net.connect”.

We would appreciate if you decide to join our server.

See you online! :slight_smile:

Do you already know when the teamspeak server will go online ?

Hi SkinnyAL,

My friend is right now offline and he is responsible for the teamspeak server.
I am not sure, but I think the server will be some day next week online.
I will make a post as soon as I have more Information.

Best regards, Railgun

Ah okay thx


My friend will request the server tomorrow.
It will take around 2 days to bring it online.

Best regards, Railgun

sehr geiler server, super nette admins !