[DE] Noob-friendly | PVP | Active Admins | Dyn Aridrops | Sleep


We are a server designed to correct the problems prevalent on other servers. Focus is on having fun and pvp without destroying everything. There is no admin abuse on this server like invisibillity, materials whatsoever. All of our admins are mature adults who play the game just like everyone else. We have a zero tolerance cheating policy on our server. Cheaters of any kind are instantly removed from our server. We look forward to seeing you in game!

Server features

  • Last wipe 16.02.2014

  • PvP ON

  • Sleeping ON

  • Airdrops ON (Min 30 players)

  • Active Admins

  • Arena Events

  • No Admin abuse

  • Noobs are welcome and supported

  • reduced C4 damage

  • Building decay disabled


  • Ownership remove
  • Starter kit
  • Private Messaging
  • Location
  • List
  • History

JOIN - Press F1 and copy and paste -> net.connect