[DE] Official : Germany 1 (Dev) - net.connect

Hello Folks,

This thread should give a quick look into the status of the “Germany 1 (Dev)” server and provide a place to talk about the server in general.

IP :
Slots : 200
Version : latest public alpha builds

Warning! The server is usually ridden with lags due to the high player count and amount of structures, there are currently no admins therefore the server is a frequent playground for cheaters and griefers.

Status (01.02.14 15:30 GMT+1) : Offline

The Server has been under, what it looks like, constant ddos attacks for the last 18 hours, bringing it down after only being up for a few minutes at a time.
the ddos attacks take roughly 60 minutes with 15 minutes breaks in between, there may or may-not be a connection to item duping (server/client clocks).