Hello my dear playership of Rust.
I can imagine, you getting really bored of all of these people talking about their personal server and the absolutely greatness of it. But at this point, I also want to present our server in a short way. Me and my brother are hosting a 100 slot Rust Server in Germany and enjoy a high quality of actual playership and most of us are 18+. Your personal benefit in a 18+ community is clear, no childish behaviour, no flaming and insulting and always a nice person around every corner. Our server is completely new and running since the 6th of January with actually 10 as core players and we are looking for more people to play with or against. Yes, we are also looking for brutal bandits who love raiding others and we also want friendly and peaceful people here to create an harmonic environment on our server.

Now again, these are your benefits in a short form :

  • PVP without excuses
  • Sleeper system
  • support for Rust beginners
  • fresh map
  • daily airdrops
  • admin support in critical situations
  • stable server

One of our main targets is the support of fresh players in Rust and me and my brother would love to give you some support to survive in this horrible violent environment. We also target something like a clan system and areas defended by clans against other clans.
I won’t say our server is the best outside there, but I tell all of you we do our best to give you a great experience of Rust gaming.

Don’t worry about the emptyness of the server on some times, we don’t have a huge playership yet but with you together we will grow.

To give us a chance connect to following adress in your Rust console, open it with F1.

Every feedback is welcome in the forum.