[DE] -=[Rage PvP Server]=- [Rust ++ and Leather installed]

The Clan of the Multi Gaming Community Rage now has a Rust servers are ready. The Rage Clan among others represented in Star Conflict, Nether, DayZ, Guild Wars, Eve Online and other popular games. Everyone is welcome to play on our server.

Find out more:
50 slot server
it runs Rust + + and Leather with automatic updates
many functions for the player,
everything goes, nothing has,

We run a German server with Teamspeak 3!


Door sharing
Voice notifications
Broadcast PvP death messages
Chat history
Player list & online count
Private messaging system
Friend system
Starter kits
Message of the day
Server notices
Shutdown messages & auto save
Player join/leave notices
Voice proximity toggle
Auto saving
Admin announcements
Display ping
no sleepers etc.

Player Commands

/share playername (shares your doors with a player) - no more quotes!
/unshare playername (unshares your doors with a player) - no more quotes
/help (Shows commands)
/pm “playername” “message” (private messages a player. MUST BE USED IN QUOTES)
/r message here (quick reply to last PM)
/history (Shows chat history, last 6 messages by default)
/players (Shows online players)
/location (Shows the coordinates of the player)
/ping (shows latency between client and server)
/starter (gives a configurable starter kit)
/friends (shows your friends list)
/addfriend playername (adds a player to your friends list)
/unfriend playername (removes a friend)
/about (shows server mod version)

We wish all players good fun and good hunting.

Done by Rage Clan.