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Welcome to the idea of ​​Rust-Gaming.de!

Who are we?
We, Rust-Gaming.de are a German Rust community since January 2014
there. In addition, our community has a Rust Server,
which we present to you are available!

Server information:

Server: [DE] Rust-Gaming.de Wipe 6.12.2014 19:00 Active Admins | Groups | Remove | AD20
Direct connect: net.connect

This server is proper, since December 18, 2013, and is our main server, but we had a few months down the server lame, since no interest on the part of the player was.
But now we are back with full vigor and new provider we are hoping for more players.
Our Admin team tries to 24/7 are available to give players the greatest possible
Gameplay to guarantee and keep the hackers from the server. The rules are simple and therefore this should be understood by everyone.

In addition, this server has the following to offer:

Slots: 50
PvP: Enabled
Sleeper: Enabled
Airdrop: 20 players
Backpack Locktime: 3 minutes
Last Wipe: 01/11/2014 18:00 clock

Contact Persons (Admins):



Rules: Displays the server rules ( /rules)
Groups: Allows players to open up groups to mutually inflict no damage ( /ghelp tells you all what to do)
History: Displays the chat history ( /history)
Stats: Displays your Deaths / Kills on
Private Message: Allows players to send a private message ( /pm “Name”)
Joinmessage: Indicates when a Player joins the server or leaves
Player List: Displays who is currently on the server ( /players)
Ping: Shows your/the ping of other players
Death Handler: Displays who was killed by whom
R Remove: Allows players to remove various components (/remove)
R AntiGlitch: Prevents the build up of boxes under Foundations and “houses in stones”
R Bans: Displays the admins players that have been banned on other servers (rustdb.net/, max 2 Bans on from joining)
Kits : The player receives a packet with a few items for the beginning ( /kit starter)
Sleepover : Prevents spawning with sleeping in strange buildings ( /sleepover add “Name”)
Voter : The players get certain packages for voting (TopRustServer etc.) ( /reward)
Door Share : Specifies a particular person the right to open/close all doors ( /share “Name”)

Teamspeak³ Server:

We hope you have addressed our small Ideas and we see us
ingame or in our Forums!

If you still have questions, you can do it Ingame, in our forum
or call us on our Server Teamspeak³! Find more information
her under Rust-Gaming.de

The Rust-Gaming Team