(DE) Rust Sleepers/PVP/10% Craft time/Oxide/Door Share/TPA/Admins/250 SLOTS

Welcome :slight_smile:

Owner: FlyingDutchMan(Dutchy)

Admin(s): Boris

C4/F1 is disabled :slight_smile: Server got changed to PVE no wipe !!!

Weโ€™re trying to make a nice community,with nice admins,owner :slight_smile:
Our dream is to make a popular community!!!
-Sorry for all the mistakes I made in this topic,Iโ€™m not English :โ€™(

You can live in the newly created town beetwen Radtown and Resource valley :slight_smile:

IP: ustx30.playrust.eu:28025

Fast console connect: net.connect โ€œustx30.playrust.eu:28025โ€


Door Share
Players List
โ€ฆ this is not the full list of plugins!!!

No hacking,cheating
No racism!!!
Listen to admins
Have fun :slight_smile:


Good server no lag at all, nice and supportive admins.

Thanks :slight_smile: