de_abandoned hdr2

this is an old project i did a few months ago. I decided to decompile it the other day (lost the original vmf)
and redo it


I had to go through and redo all my displacements as they were whole brushes and not single faces
redid alot of messy brushwork and began detailing.

in the second pic the displacement brick just looks really weird and out of place, and in the third pic the light is going through the roof.

Yeah…I get that you want it to be like crumbled bricks that have fallen, but displacements aren’t very good at that.

No, that’s just the props. They’re those bent-up metal sheets you can find in “Useful Construction Props” on the spawnmenu. They don’t seam perfectly, so some light leaks through. It actually looks really good, considering that the building they’re on is supposed to be an abandoned shed or something.

And in general on the map:

WOW. Nice use of displacements (aside from that one brick thing Spartan and I both mentioned), and a very good use of props and clipping (I keep wanting to say “carving” cos that’s what I always call it lol). If I actually had a use for it (sorry…), I’d DL it without a second thought.

Cloth roof? :v:

Yea, I forgot to say nice map. Looks ok, just get rid of those weird bricks :excited:

yeah the roof is supposed to be old and crappy so i bent it to make gaps. (the roof is made from displacements), and I agree the bricks look like shit i’ll redo them

Update. changed the lighting added some more buildings and details.
A long hallway waithing for boxes and other props

CT spawn

Bomb A

View from inside

EDIT: more piccies!


brick displacements look awful

Not sure why, but the displacment roof and metal looks too, smooth. Looks more like cloth or like it melted. I think just making it more sharp and abrupt angles will fix that

Or make it seem like there was an explosion, so it’s like ripped open metal, this looks like plastic

For the metal roof bits it might be better to clip some edges in them and use the edit vertexes tool to bend and pull them. Might make them look a bit more jagged.

Does’t look very good to me…make them out of brushes. Light shouldn’t be leaking through it like that since the metal sheets are made of an opaque material… Vertex lighting = fail compared to lightmapped lighting.

Displacement happy mapper :downs:

Roof is too bended I think. Unless it’s from some type of cloth.
Also the way you used grass in front of buildings kinda sucks I think.

Other than that:

Freakin Awesome.

I havent touched the bit with the bendy roof yet bit I agree it looks like crap ill get to it eventualy
im having areaportal issues at the moment i put one in every window and door of the 3 story part of the building with white trim, the compile log says that all of them are leaking, but the red line doesn’t point to anything (was gonna post screenshot but the sdk is updating)
heres what i mean

what have i done wrong?

1: Looks KIND OF like you don’t have cubemaps IMO
2: In the second pic of the most recent update, the roof textures look horrible.
3… something just DOESNT feel right.
4: On the last pic on the railing either change the top of it to nodraw or some other metal texture. Looks kind of bad.
5: Great map, overall.

Area portals can leak themselfs sometimes, try making sure the depth of the areaportal is 1, or as low as possible.

I tried making them 1 unit thick . no dice i used areaportalwindow if that helps?

link to beta version

looks too clean and green for something abandoned.